OMT Spinal Manipulation (HVLA) Live Seminar on ZOOM!



OMT Spinal Manipulation (HVLA) Live Seminar on ZOOM! 

※for Therapists, Doctors, Nurses in Malaysia, Singapore and India limited.


Presenter: Jay Yamahata, DOMP, BCSc.


Language: English


Tuition per each phase: US$30 per phase(120min.)  paypal only

Tuition for whole 6 phases; $30 × 6 webinars = US$180

Group Discounts available → ask for more details


After completing this online course, you have an option to take an extra 3 day hands-on course to be certified as "Master in Osteopathic HVLA".

※Tuition for the 3day practical hands-on course: US$360/3days → ask for more details


Course Description:

This course will focus on HVLA osteopathic manipulation for the spine and pelvis. We will review screening and palpation skills of segmental lesions and restricted barriers. Joint localization and proper patient set up and specific manipulating skills.


Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:


1. Describe indications, precautions and contraindications to the HVLA(Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation).


2. Learn how to accurately identify restrictions to be manipulated utilizing a M/S palpation through a biomechanical examination.


3. Demonstrate safe and effective use of HVLA in the Spine and Pelvic area.



phase1. Pelvic (LI, HI, Superior Shear, FI, FO, etc.)


phase2. Sacrum (LonL, RonR, RonL, LonR, Base-P)


phase3. Lumbar (L1 - L5 / ERS, etc.)


phase4. Thoracic (T1 - T12 / ERS, etc.)


phase5. Cervical (C2 - C7 / ERS, etc.)


phase6. Atlas (C1 / RR, RL, etc.)


for more information, contact PCOM office