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Diploma in Chiropractic Manipulative Practice

 Conversion course in Chiropractic

based on WHO guideline - limited chiropractic education – category II(A)


 This program is designed to cover those subjects which are important for the practice of chiropractic and which have not been covered appropriately in previous health care education.  Part‐time courses have been designed to be convenient for practitioners maintaining their current employment, extending appropriate credits to persons depending upon their level of health care training.


 The entrance requirement would be completion of the 2000 hours D.O.M.P. program. ( or during the course depending upon their level )


 The duration of training would be over 1800 hours training including over 1000 hours of supervised clinical experience. 


 After completing the course, candidates must pass the final exam to be awarded the Diploma in Chiropractic Manipulative Practice (DCMP). 


*TOTAL hours you need to register as Diplomate in Chiropractic are;

1. health care license + 2. DOMP 2000hrs + 3. Conversion Course 1800hrs


1. health care license + 2. Previous Chiropractic Education + 3. Conversion Course 2500hrs



 This course is designed for candidates who have already had certain kind of chiropractic training but does not have the proper kind of education described by the WHO guidelines. We will focus on the principles of chiropractic, vetebral subluxation complex, chiropractic managent,  and learn "Where, Why and How" to deliver chiropractic manipulation safely and effectively to help your patients.

*please note that this is not just a technique course.


 ■ Philosophy / History / Principles and Concept etc.

 ■ Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine

 ■ Radiology

 ■ Chiropractic Management

 ■ Clinical Evaluation (Neurological, Orthopedic and Chiropractic Tests)

 ■ Chiropractic Palpation

  1 Pelvic

  2 Lumbar

  3 Thoracic

  4 Cervical

  5 Upper Extremities

  6 Lower Extremities

 ■ Chiropractic Techniques

  1 Pelvic

  2 Lumbar

  3 Thoracic

  4 Cervical

  5 Upper Extremities

  6 Lower Extremities

 ■ Clinical Experience / 1000 hours

 ■ Case Studies / 100 cases

 ■ Integration & Final Exams (Oral, Written and Practical)


Techniques to be covered

 1. Diversified Techniques

 2, Full Spine Techniques

 3. Toggle Recoil Techniques

 4. AK Block Techniques

 5. Drop Table Techniques

 6. Cox Techniques


Assistance by, X-ray, Nervoscope and other physiological tests. Special unique chiropractic assessment with condition wise and each condition assessment and treatment.




Executive Director:  Jay Yamahata BCSc., DOMP


Japan Chiropractic Registers (JCR) member


Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals(OFOP) member


 ■JHSA  Chairman of the Board


Chief Instructor:  Hideki Takahashi BCSc., DOMTP

Branch Director (India)

Director; Dr. Omkar Mulik  PT, DOMP

Pgdm Sport Medicine, Masters in Chiropractic

School Address

Suite 202, 1-23-19, Edobori, Nishiku, Osaka-shi

OSAKA, JAPAN, 550-0002

TEL: 06-6147-8655  /  Email:


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