High Velocity - Low Amplitude Technique







 ・HVLA basic(脊柱・骨盤)



 ・HVLA advanced(四肢・胸郭)




会場: 大阪本校


   HVLA basic(脊柱・骨盤) 全3日間 36,000円(税込)※HVLA basic認定書授与

   HVLA advanced(四肢・胸郭) 全3日間 36,000円(税込)※HVLA advanced認定書授与


再受講料: 一日5000円(税込)

講師: PCOM学長 J. Yamahata BCSc., DOMTP





 HVLA basic: 脊柱・骨盤(仙腸関節、仙骨、腰椎、胸椎、頸椎)
 HVLA advanced: 四肢・胸郭(肩関節、肘関節、手関節、股関節、膝関節、足関節、肋骨、肩甲骨 etc.)



HVLA-Basic Course


Place: Palms College of Osteopathic Medicine (1-23-19-202, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, JAPAN)

Presenter: Dr. Jiro Yamahata, DOMTP, BCSc.

Date: August 12- 14th 2017

Cost: US$350


Course Description:

This 3 day course will focus on HVLA techniques for the spine and pelvis. We will review screening and palpation skills of segmental lesions and restricted barriers. Joint localization and proper patient set up and specific thrusting skills.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Describe indications, precautions and contraindications to HVLA techniques.
2. Learn how to accurately identify restrictions to be manipulated utilizing a HVLA technique through a biomechanical examination.
3. Demonstrate safe and effective use of HVLA techniques in the Spine and Pelvic area.

Course Schedule:

Day 1 - Saturday

10:00- 10:30 Registration

10:30- 11:00 Course intro, basic principles, indications/contraindications, safety issues

11:00- 12:45 Evaluation: Pelic (SIJ)  *LI, HI, FO, FI

12:45- 1:45 Lunch - on your own

1:45- 5:00 Techniques: Pelvic (SIJ)  *LI, HI, FO, FI

Day 2 - Sunday

10:00- 11:00 Evaluation: Sacrum  *L on L, R on R, L on R, R on L, Unilateral Flexion/Extension

11:00- 12:45 Techniques: Sacrum  *L on L, R on R, L on R, R on L, Unilateral Flexion/Extension*

12:45- 1:45 Lunch - on your own

1:45- 3:00 Evaluation: Lumbar (L1- L5)  *ERS-R, ERS-L

3:00- 5:00 Techniques: Lumbar (L1- L5)  *ERS-R, ERS-L

Day 3 - Monday

10:00- 11:00 Evaluation: Thoracic (ERS-R, ERS-L)

11:00- 12:45 Techniques: Thoracic (ERS-R, ERS-L)

12:45- 1:45 Lunch - on your own

1:45- 3:00 Evaluation: Cervical (C2- C7, Atlas)  *ERS-R, ERS-L

3:00- 5:00 Techniques: Cervical (C2- C7, Atlas)  *ERS-R, ERS-L